Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fond of Little Art Pieces

When I first started reading about ACEOs, Art, Card Editions, Originals. I began to take interest in what they were and why they are made.
The Art Cards are not new. Years ago artists started creatng them so that people who could not afford large art pieces or had no where to display them could have a little pice of art at an affordable price. The little art work pieces measure 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. They are always the same. Some are originals but many artists have started making prints of their originals and making the little cards.
It is also popular to make these cards by colleaguing many different textures, art forms, vintage collage etc. The size is also popular. The cards can fit into the baseball card holders. There are three ring binder art card holders . Placing your art cards in the page holders and placing them in a three ring binder album makes a wonderful conversation piece for the coffee table. I have a little easel and I change the card out every month. Right now I am having fun displaying flowers of the month. The poppy posted above is on display now. When the month ends I will place it back in my album and display a new one.
My daughter has so many things I have painted her. She does not have room to display it all.
And too, some of the paintings are not her color or style. So what better way to leave her mother's work with her is an album documenting her work in the form of ACEO's

Monday, July 14, 2008

Secret Little Tresure Boxes

My youngist sister asked me a few years back to hand paint some little wood boxes with designs on them to give to her five small grandchildren. She want the children to leave the boxes at her house so that when they came to visit they had something special they could discuss with grandma. So Memaw's Little Treasure Boxes were born. Each child's box was a different color and had a different design. They had something of their own that was very special.

Sister Sue passed away a couple of years ago and I think of her and these little boxes often. So now I making a line of Little Secret Treasure Boxes for all Memaw's to share with their grandchildren. What do you put in them. Well, I have seen a pretty special marble. Oh yes, a neat rock, a necklace, a small shell, and a smushed up cookie to name a few. I forgot to say a bug or two. You will find them in y etsy shop.

Bookmark originals

Sometimes you get into a rut even though you love what you do. It is that same old, same old feeling. Each time I go to paint a new item I practice my strokes a little. You might call it a warm up. It is necessary to insure you have loaded your brush right and have the proper amount of paint in the brush. It also makes a difference if you are switching from one medium to another.

For example, I have been doing colored pencil drawings. Now I have just finish an acrylic painting. So I am turning my practice sessions into practice and then pratice my strokes by doing bookmarks for my collection "Bookmarks Originals" For me this is something different to help break up that same old routine. So take a look at some my originals.