Monday, July 14, 2008

Secret Little Tresure Boxes

My youngist sister asked me a few years back to hand paint some little wood boxes with designs on them to give to her five small grandchildren. She want the children to leave the boxes at her house so that when they came to visit they had something special they could discuss with grandma. So Memaw's Little Treasure Boxes were born. Each child's box was a different color and had a different design. They had something of their own that was very special.

Sister Sue passed away a couple of years ago and I think of her and these little boxes often. So now I making a line of Little Secret Treasure Boxes for all Memaw's to share with their grandchildren. What do you put in them. Well, I have seen a pretty special marble. Oh yes, a neat rock, a necklace, a small shell, and a smushed up cookie to name a few. I forgot to say a bug or two. You will find them in y etsy shop.


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