Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sportsmanship-Ball Field To Board Room.

The Week has been full of the National Profastpitch League for Women's softball on TV and streaming. What exciting games. Games that showcase young talented women in the team sport of softball. These young ladies are playing with heart and sportsmanship and definitely being roll models for young girls. They are displaying all the character building they have learned in the teamwork of the game for many years of their young lives. In college years they prepared for their careers. The final product-young ladies with talent, skills, education and character.

This year 20 young ladies were drafted into the NPF after completing their senior years in college. Will they carry forward the character building skills to the corporate world? Will they take sportsmanship from the ball field into the board room?

What are the characteristics of sportsmanship?

Respect-a good sportsman respects both his teammates and his opponents equally. True in the board room? Respect for one another means not trying to out show one another. Respect opponents-bad mouthing gets no respect personally for you or your company.

Accountability is being responsible for your actions. In the real world are you responsible for you own actions or do you continually blame others. Do you have a million excuses for you miscues and expect no consequences for your actions.

Responsibilities- doing your part and being prepared. When you appear in the board room are you as prepared for the playing field of business? Have you equipped yourself with the necessary information to speak with authority?

Teamwork-Do you have the unselfish desire to work with members of the team and share the
combined efforts for success?

Integrity is being honest with all that you do. Give credit where credit is due. Do you present others work as your own. Do you do your part in teamwork? Be honest in dealings with your opponents because you want to be treat as you would have others treat you.

The qualities of sportsmanship on the ball field can be a "board room" fit. Bringing those character building qualities into the board will keep board members with a positive attitude. Board room sportsmanship can boost morale, promote teamwork, and provide honest good solutions to build a better business. Yes there is a place for sportsmanship on the ball field to take a seat in the board room.

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