Sunday, March 23, 2008

Have My Cake And Eat It Too

Have My Cake and Eat It Too.

In my previous blog I mentioned the walls in my house had run out of space for my paintings. I started painting useful items for the house and for gifts. Then I thought about my paintings. They are now up for sale. When they are gone they are gone. Maybe I should do something to save my memories of them.

I was reading an article about A.C.E.O.’s written by another artist. What is an A.C.E.O.? Art Card Edition Original was designed years ago so that people could collect affordable art. It is a little 2.5x3.5 inch card the same size as a baseball trading card. Could this be my answer? I started making copies of my originals and printing them on the little art cards. Yes , I liked the idea.

Then I went to a baseball trading card Shop and purchased album pages to hold my new little creations. The pages fit in a three ring binder. Then I found a beautiful leather look binder. And, of course, the binder had to be embellished. So now I am deciding what to paint on the front of the binder.
But take a look at some of my A.C.E.O.s. They are prints of my originals.This is an interesting project. The album will make a wonderful conversation piece when it is placed on my coffee table.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Why Do I Do Soaps?

There is only so much space in a house to hang your pictures. It is the same with your family and friends. So what to do. You go on creating new paintings and posting them for sale.

Then you think of things you can give as gifts to your children, family and friends that are fresh, new and useable. I started with painting soaps for my own bathrooms and kitchen.Since I didn't want to just let them sit there as decorations, I came acrossed a way to seal the design
so that it will last the life of the soap. The soap comes from the bottom of the bar as you lather your hands, a wash cloth or a sponge. Sometimes I have a hard time talking my guests into using them but once they do they just have to have one for themselves.

So now I have another new canvas to work with. It is not hard to paint simple designs on the soap. It is rather fun to paint palm trees since I live in Florida. Fish go well
when I paint an ocean color background.Palm trees a fun too. But most of all I love flowers and I paint many soap bars with many different flowers. I did a customed design bar with a white gardenia on a pale green background. The person sent it to her grandmother who lives in Italy.
That is another interesting fact that keeps me painting soaps. I love to keep track of where they
are going.