Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Tribute to Mary Sue Baldwin

I must start my year of blogging for the 90 day challenge to feature other artisians, I have to give tribute to a very special artist Mary Sue Baldwin.

Mary Sue is the very reason I can consider my self as an artist. In 1996 I walked into The School of Folk Art searching for something to give back some meaning to my life. I had lost my husband, retired from my second career to recover from a bout with cancer. She was seated at the head of a large table instructing a group on stroke work and painting leaves. Sitting there, I had my doubts about painting but the patience of the easy going instructor and the friendliness of the group sold me on the idea of joining. I needed to be with the group of friendly people.

Mary Sue is a veteran of art instructing completing 34 years of teaching. She has taught in public , private schools, a US Military school in Germany, and several years in her own art school. She is the current President and Founder of the Seaside Decorative Art Chapter in The Daytona Beach, Fl. which is affiliated with the National Society of Decorative Art, Inc.

The group I paint with meets once a week. At the present time we spend the first part of the meeting taking drawing lessons. Then we do individual projects. We stopped this past week for the whole class to paint flower pots. What a fun time that was. But this is the way of the group.

We have a chance to do individual projects or group projects. The reason , the sharpness and patience of our instructor allows this. I often laugh and tell the group about painting at home and I can here Mary Sue saying "Gloria get the brush back on the chiseled edge"

There is something special about her. She cares for each and every student in her several classes. She calls to check on you if you have been ill. She has taken several people to hospitals and doctors appointments . Their is a plus to being her student and that is you get her husband Bill too. He cuts matts and makes frames for our paintings. He cuts out our wood projects and makes copies of Mary Sue's art instructions. Bill is a wood carver and their art skills compliment each other. So, these two share their joy in painting with others. I would like to share what I have learned from them. Believe in yourself. Be kind to others. Share your love for painting with everyone.

Friday, February 22, 2008

A New Year For Me

This is a fresh new year for me. I have been tied up since November of 2007 finishing a six month project. It was a great project of six paintings all done in colored pencil. My daughter manages the world's largest softball school named Club K in Nashville Tennessee. There are six including her, the owner and four staff members. They all came from different states. I thought it would be a great project to do each lady's state bird and flower. When they were finished they were all matted the same and the ladies names and their cities and states printed on the matt of each just below the picture.