Friday, August 1, 2008

Let Me Share My Joy Of Painting

My August schedule is to feature my paintings which I started out to do when I first began painting a few years back. There are others but this seems to be my favorites that I have right now. All three are watercolor.
My first experience in painting was oils. I did that for about a year and when I discovered acrylics. I did a lot of decorative paintings.
for two or three years. From there I did pen and ink with acrylic wash. That was fun and different.
Then came watercolor and into a serious year of painstakingly working with it. The flow of the medium was so entirely different. But I did like it so much and work so hard at it. Then I did some pen and ink with watercolor wash. This was another great effect and made an impact on me.
As you can tell I do love flowers. They are so delicate an esquisitely designed. I have heard many
times that "Flowers were God's Art Work". If anyone knows where that came from let me know.
I just can't remember.