Monday, April 21, 2008

Handpainted Glass Ware

When I started attending One Stroke painting classes I discovered that hand painted gifts were cherished and made wonderful keepsakes. As, I have experienced before, artwork after a while saturates the walls. You then go to ACE0's and print of original note cards.

But then came a new direction, the art of painting glass. The usual method of painting is layers of paint, by adding highlights and shadows to give it dimension. One Stroke is loading your brush with medium, highlight and shadows and make one stroke at a time to accomplish the whole petal of a flower,etc. And, by using glass enamel paint the item can be baked in the oven to set the paint or it can set for 21 days to cure.I like to bake it.

Through the one stroke classes I have painted on bud vases, glasses, wood, bookmarks, soaps,picture frames and many more items. It can also be used on fabric. Each type of product you are painting on takes a different medium and paint. For example: fabric takes fabric paint; candles
takes a candle medium and then acrylic paint; flower pots either takes patio paint or a sealer to seal the porous clay, and then acrylic paint and a sealer to seal the paint.

Ah, but for weddings, what a range of items that can be hand painted. One of my favorites are wine glasses with beautiful hand painted white trimmed in gold roses. Candlesticks, bud vases, and hand painted glass bowls to hold flowers are some of my other favorites. All this done in one stroke makes it beautiful and timely for gifts.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Pat Jenkins-A Quiet Networker

Left Pat's Wine Glasses- Left-Pat Jenkins Right-Gloria Wilson
Pat Jenkins networks quietly and for many others but never for herself. She talks about others work and praises them but when it comes to her accomplishments she is so very quiet.When I first met Pat it was through my art teacher Mary Sue Baldwin at Mary Sue's Shop. I learned that she was trying One Stroke Painting working on glass, fabric, and wood. Before long I heard that she had earned her One Stroke Painting certification and could teach.

I became interested in painting on glass when I found that she had classes at several locations in our area. I joined one of her classes and soon discovered it was a relaxing 2 hours on Wednesday for me. Even though I paint with another group, I found the new group totally different.Both the groups share ideas and support each other.

My new friend Pat Jenkins quietly became a part of my painting family with her soft spoken instructions, her patience, and her pleasant smile. Recently we shared a booth at the The Museum of Arts and Sciences. We complimented each other very well. It was there I watched her quietly walk and talk to different vendors when trafiic was slow. Perhaps this is a characteristic that spilled over from her career as a Rigistered Nurse before retirement. She is genuinely interested and cares for people.

From the Arts and Craft Show we support each other in networking our business. She networks my shop on Etsy.Com and I share in promoting her items for sell. She is not on the internet now so it is important for me to promote her work. She is out in the public and she promotes my shop.

So this week is a tribute to my soft spoken ,comfortable comfortable teacher and her beautiful talent.

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