Friday, June 13, 2008

" On the Cutting Edge "

I was sending out an email to my friends and family about a Yart Sale on the Handmade Site of Etsy. I explained in the email about having the Yart Sale right from my computer on line. One of my friends came back with "you are soooo on the cutting edge of technology"

Some one on the Etsy site came up with the clever idea of having a yard sale on the Etsy network-art plus sale giving it the name of Yart Sale.

With the help of Etsy Admin shoppers began to put items in their shop up for sale from June 14-June 20,2008. By filling in the proper tags for the items so it would show up as yart sale and changing the price, shoppers began their Yart Sale. It took a little computer work but it was so much easier then a typical yard sale where you had to pull everything out, mark it, and sell it.
Promotional work is needed for either method.

The whole idea is just so interesting. Most people at my age would even shutter to turn a computer on. But I wanted to share my love of painting and earn a little extra money for art supplies I turned to the Internet and began to learn so many things. How to use the computer was the first thing , of course. The came the digital camera. Hewlett Packard On-Line Lessons provided me with an on line course, How To Use Your Digital Camera Beyond Shoot and Point.
Next came the use of a Scanner to scan some of my art work. My color printer was my next step. From there I came back to the computer and learned how to use some of the programs to
edit my pictures, up load to the web , and learn some marketing techniques.
I am still learning and I will continue to share information and pictures with my friends and family. As the youngsters say, "It is so cool"!


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