Saturday, October 20, 2007

How I Got Started As An Artist.

Things happen and your life takes a complete turn around. In 1982 I retired with 31 years service with Southern Bell as an Assistant Manger of Customer Education. At first the retirement felt like I was on vacation. Then I began to feel restless. I was offered a job at my
old alma mater assisting a friend of mine in a class room. In June during summer vacation the Principal of the high school call me in and offered me a permanant job in Attendance. From there I was promoted to the school registrar position.

Our plans to retire, buy a motorhome and travel was almost a realty when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Within six months he was gone. It was such an adjustment for me so I stayed with the school. At that time our daughter was a senior in college. She needed all the support that I could give. In 1995 I was diagnosed with cancer so I retired and battled through treatments and survived.

What to do next was my big question. My daughter was well on her way with a teaching and coaching career. I had always been creative and I wanted to painte and create note card designs.
I found the School of Folk Art and a great teacher in Mary Sue Baldwin.
Through her I have learned so many techniques in the world of painting. I still go ever week and paint with my buddies of 13 years. We are like a family.

Now I paint with acrylics, watercolor, pen and ink with watercolor wash, one stroke, and now for a whole summer colored pencils. My canvases are wood, watercolorpaper, candles, glass, card stock, and as a matter of fact, stand still might get painted.


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