Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"And I Shall Wear Purple"

As Usual I try to have themes for each project or technique that I pursue. My art career started with the Bob Ross Oil Technique. Then I started Decorative painting. Watercolor techniques came next.Combing the watercolor and pen and ink was next in line.Many pieces of my art work were done in acrylics.From there I drifted toward painting different objects like glass, candles, plates, salt and pepper shakers, and wood for awhile in the different mediums.Each object required a different paint and finish technique.

After painting on glass it didn't take me long to try the One Stroke technique and then adding embelishments. It was faster and baking it was a neat thing to do. Otherwise, curing time to fix the paint is 21 days.

Now I am working with colored pencils which I find very rewarding and relaxing. The very process of colored pencil and the art of layering of color will almost work you through a color theory class.

One thing leads to another. The colored pencil themes I have picked for this blog are birds and butterflies. "And I Shall Wear Purple" is the first. It is an 11" x 14"
of a butterfly and a wild rose. The second one is the same size as the first. The theme for this is "The Monarch and the Morning Glory"


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