Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Summer Studies

The summer was quite eventful for me. I took a little time off here and there away from the computer,tv and the usual nose to the grind stone stuff.

I spent some of the time with neighbors taking those day time bus trips through out the Central part of Florida. These were the sightseeing trips which took us to historical sights, tourist attractions, restaurants, and dinner theatres.Sound of Music on stage was a wonderful experience.The play was in Orlando, Florida st the Starlite Theatre. My group of neighbors had front row tables,in the middle of the row.You could see all the actors up close, where even the make-up artist's work could be appreciated.Everything about the play, voices, dance, music and costumes was marvelous.My favorite were the children performing. As you can tell, Sound of Music is my favorite all time musical.

The trips provided many mental images of nature and ideas to paint, sketch or draw to last all year. During the summer I continued to work with colored pencils.This was a new technique for me and I find it very relaxing and rewarding.
It is also easy to pack your colored pencil case, some art paper, and do your work here and there as you travel...a good summer choice for artists.

The above picture is an 11"x 14" colored pencil art piece of the Florida State Bird and Flower.


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